The Habitat Of Wild Rabbits

Rabbits are categorized into two – the domesticated rabbits and the wild ones. The domesticated rabbits are those that are being raised by humans as pets, and the wild ones are those that live in the forest or stay in the wild. Rabbits that fall in these two categories are similar, but as you have noticed, domesticated rabbits usually live in a rabbit hutch where they are provided with everything that they need from their foods to their toys. This is where they basically create their own family and eventually die. On the other hand, things are entirely different for the rabbits that live in the wild. The place where wild rabbits live or their habitat, for instance, already sets a big difference from the tame ones.

Wild rabbits can live in several types of habitats like forests, meadows, grasslands, thickets, etc. and they can be found in a lot of places all over the world. Most of the time, wild rabbits can be found in an area with a moderate climate in North America, for instance. Wild rabbits live in groups and unlike the tame ones. Humans do not also feed them or taken care of by humans. They create their own homes by digging and feed themselves with what they can find in their habitat. They usually eat different types of plants and vegetables. Typically, they make their homes in a place that is near to the source of their food. In other words, they live on their – without any aid from humans. This is not so bad because rabbits are supposed to be out there in the wild. Besides, they know how to protect themselves against predators, and they know how where to find their foods.

Their home is known to be as the warren, which is an underground home, and the female rabbits usually do most of the digging to create it. Inside the warren, there are a lot of rooms which are called burrows. Each of these rooms is then linked by narrow tunnels, which make the warren similar to a maze. This is why you usually see a rabbit pop out from the ground in the televisions – they live underground. Living underground will also help them to protect and hide from bigger animals who consider them as prey. Because they are not the only ones who are living the wild, they have to find some ways to prevent themselves from being eaten.

There is nothing wrong with raising rabbits and having them tame, especially if you will take care of them properly. You can give them all that they need – shelter, food, toys and other things. But of course, it is still best if they are left on where they should be –in the wild. Out in the wild is still the best place for the rabbits to live and spend the rest of their lives rather than inside the cages.

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