Are Pet Rat Bites Dangerous?

All rats can bite, even when they are your pet. It is often when they feel like they are in danger out of self-defense. However, that can even be when you pose no threat whatsoever, such as when you are putting your hand into the cage to feed them.  If you have been bitten by a rat, or you are concerned that you may be, you are probably wondering if pet rat bites are dangerous.

Complications from wild rat bites are much more common than those from pets. If you are ever bitten by a wild rat, seek medical attention straight away, just in case. However, pet rat bites are not always dangerous. They can become infected, and you can develop RBF or Rat Bite Fever. If you are bitten, wash the bite with warm water and antibacterial soap as soon as you can. If you show any signs of infection, such as a rash, go straight to the doctor.

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