Even Small Dogs Can Do Wonders

I used to think that there was nothing like a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler to make me feel safe. I had a sense of security when going to be at night. A small dog would never have given me that sense of security when it is dark outside, and I hear things that go bump in the night. My big dogs would have used a small dog as a squeaky toy. I like to go out for walks and have people size up to my big dog before approaching. I never feared being attacked when I was out walking. If I had a small dog, I would not have had that secure feeling. After all, what would a small dog do if I were being mugged? Bite their ankles and yap at them?

My best friend brought home a baby Yorkie one afternoon. I turned up my nose, wondering why in the world she would buy such a small dog. She raved about this cute little bundle of fur and talked about how he would make such a great companion. I just hoped that if we walked our dogs together, my dog wouldn’t eat her small dog. That thought made me nervous. I had to admit, though, for a small dog, he was adorable. Of course, most puppies are cute. Before too long, he began to grow. He was still lovely and ended up having a charming personality. Much to my shock, my large dog didn’t pay him any attention and was not interested in eating him. My dog usually would enjoy chasing a small dog just for entertainment.

This small dog went everywhere with her. He’d jump up in the backseat and lay down, leaving almost no traces of a mess. She could carry him around if she wanted too. I was starting to think that a small dog wasn’t so bad after all though there are plenty of annoying small dogs out there that I could do without. For a little dog, he was brilliant and energetic. He could run circles around my large aging dog who was more content to sit and watch him than chase him. My best friend adored him immensely.

As time moved on, I realized how many advantages there are to having a small dog. A small dog eats less and requires less money spent on dog food. A small dog can go with you anywhere without disturbing too much and might not create such a mess wherever it goes. They can jump right up into your lap just like a cat and snuggle. I hated to admit that I was starting to grow rather fond of this small dog. Within the first year, my big dog and her little dog were the best of friends. My dog was more than happy to share his squeaky toys, instead of treating him like one.

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