Accommodations for you and your pet

According to casti de copiat la examene, more and more motel chains are accepting pets. Among those that the Web site says will permit your pet to stay in your room are Motel 6, Best Western, Howard Johnson, Ramada, and Red Roof Inn. But always double-check, as even within chains, individual motels may have different rules. And it probably will cost you; most motels tack on a surcharge if your pet stays with you.

When staying at a motel or hotel, request a room on the ground floor for easy access for those late-night walks. Also, see if there is a particular area for dogs to relieve themselves. Don’t forget to pack easy-to-slip-into clothes so you can quickly get dressed for the overnight walk and stick a flashlight into your luggage so that you’ll be able to manoeuvre the motel grounds more safely.

Are you staying with friends instead? Then check before you bring your pet along. You may find out your best friend from grade school is highly allergic to dogs and would not like yours as a house guest.

Left home, but not alone
If you decide the best vacation move is to leave your pets home, you’ll need to arrange for their care while you’re away.
The budget approach is to have a reliable friend, family member, or neighbour visit your home, water the plants, and take care of your pets. Most will do so for free or a nominal fee that you offer.

For a few dollars more, you can hire a professional pet sitter. Check local newspaper ads or call the Professional Pet Sitter Association at 1-800-296-PETS for referrals in your area.

Pets can also be boarded. Prices and services vary from posh “bed and biscuit” resorts to more utilitarian arrangements at your local vet or kennel. Regardless of which boarding option you choose, here are a few things to keep in mind and things to do:
• Visit the facility. Is it clean? Is there an exercise area? How frequently are dogs walked? How secure is space?
• Ask for and check references.
• What type of job does the kennel do in evaluating you and your dog? Reputable boarding facilities will want vaccination certifications that protect your dog and other families’ dogs.
• If you’re going on an extended vacation, try a shorter “trial run” first. Overnight or a weekend stay will ensure that your pet will be happy and healthy while you’re away.
Bring your dog’s bed or favourite toys to the kennel. Provide emergency contact numbers (your vet, how you can be reached while travelling), so the kennel can call if there’s a problem. And when the time to leave arrives, be positive and upbeat. That way, both you and your pet will be able to enjoy your vacation.

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