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Will Keeping Pet Mice Attract Snakes?

Will Keeping Pet Mice Attract Snakes

Not everyone is a fan of snakes and mice, at the same time. There are a lot of mice fans, they are easy to keep, interesting for children and families. However, if you like somewhere that there are a lot of snakes, you can be a fan, but not want them in your house. Of course, a pet

snake is much different from a wild visitor. So, will keeping pet mice attract snakes? The answer is no, keeping pet mice will not usually attract any animals more than you would usually get.

However, you do need to consider that, if you have pet mice, and get a snake

in your home for any reason, they are going to try to get to your mouse. Therefore, the best way to avoid having infestations of any animals, including snakes
, is to keep your home “snake-proof” as much as you can. For example, keep your grass short, do not have a lot of bushes around the home for them to hide in, and keep your home clean.
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