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Can Your Dog Eat Nuts?


Many of us as pet owners like to share our food with our dogs. Whether that is a bonding thing, or if it is because we just like to be nice. Everyone with a pet, at some time in their lives, has thought about giving them human food. However, when we think about human food, we think of processed things such as bread, pasta, etc. Although, one question is, can your dog eat nuts? They seem like something so simple, they are all-natural, found in the wild, but many humans have huge allergies.

The simple answer is actually, no, you shouldn’t give nuts to your dog. Although they are high in protein, they are also very high in fats. That can be pretty dangerous for some dogs. Like people, not all dogs are the same. Some are more prone to having weight gain, intestine issues, and pancreatitis. Some nuts are even toxic to dogs and should be avoided at all costs. While we could go into a list of dangerous and slightly safer nuts, the best thing that you can do is to keep them away from your dog, just in case.

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