Iguana Care Tips

Even though many people say that an iguana is a natural pet to care for, they are not quite as easy to take care of as you might have heard. When considering iguanas as pets, there are several things that you should take into consideration if you want to provide proper iguana care.

Iguanas must have ample living space. An aquarium will be way too small for them. They love to climb, and they come by that naturally, so you need to make sure that they have an area for climbing. There is a habitat for reptiles that is called a “basking cage.” You can buy one or make this cage yourself. This cage should be no less than 3 feet tall, and it should have plenty of small tree limbs and rocks so your pet can climb and bask. Make sure that the stones and branches that you put into his home have no sharp edges or splinters as this can injure your iguana.

The best thing to use for the bottom of his home is old newspapers. Stock up on them so you will have an ample amount of floor coverings for him, and this will keep his home more sanitary. Do not try to use any other pet bedding as this can be dangerous to your iguana. The iguana will need a place to soak too. You can buy or may have a shallow pan for this. Iguanas do their business in this water, so you will have to clean this pan often.

Iguanas are cold-blooded animals, and they require a heat source so that they can absorb heat, and proper iguana care involves providing this essential element. In the wild, they soak up heat from the sun. To keep your iguana warm and make sure that he gets enough heat, you will need to buy a heat lamp. It has to be a “vita light” or “grow light.” Iguanas have to have Vitamin D to process their calcium. Vitalights offer an ample amount of heat and Vitamin D. Place the heat lamp about 6 inches above his basking spot. You might also consider “under heating” because it helps the iguana digest his food.

A proper diet for an iguana has a lot of variety and nutrition. Iguanas love squash, greens, and other fruits and vegetables. Some things, like romaine lettuce, should be given infrequently. He will love Spinach, but it is high in iron, and this can deplete other nutrients, so this should not be given very often either. Iguanas love Hibiscus flowers. Oranges and cantaloupe are right for them as well as honeydew and watermelon. They love berries of all kinds, make sure they are seedless. Grapes should also be seedless and quartered. Mix all of the food in a food processor so he cannot just eat his favorite foods and ignore the healthier ones. Vitamins are essential, as well. You can find more care tips on the Internet, but now you know some basics.

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