Will A Pet Snake Keep Mice Away?

Unfortunately, there are many people in the world that face infestations and issues with mice in their home when they don’t want them there. One of the seemingly popular ways to deal with these infestations is through having another pet to get rid of the mice by either chasing them off or catching and eating them. The first animal that you may think of is a cat. However, as many people know, snakes will eat mice, and happily if you let them. So, will a pet snake keep mice away?

While snakes are amazing animals for hunting and killing mice, they are not going to do much as a pet. That’s mainly because mice are not afraid of the smell of snakes, they are only wary of the animal and seeing it. Therefore, the only way to use a snake for keeping mice away from your house is to let the snake free to roam, which is an obvious problem. Not only will you probably find that the snake goes into hiding to hunt, but when they do catch the mice, you may find that the mouse fights back and hurts your snake, or that they catch parasites from what they eat. So, no, pet snakes will not keep mice away, not safely, anyway.

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