Can A Pet Snake Kill You?

Snakes are dangerous animals, there is no question about it. Depending on the species of snake that you have, those dangers are higher or lower. First things first, though: NEVER catch a wild snake and keep it as a pet. That point is even more true if you do not know a lot about snakes. It is all too easy to catch a venomous snake and end up in a very bad position. All venomous snakes sold as pets will, or should have, their venom sacs removed before you even have the chance to see them. That raises the question; is it possible for a pet snake to kill you?

The unfortunate answer is still yes, they can. In 2018, there was a pretty famous case of a snake owner being squeezed to death by one of their 10ft Pythons. Apparently, according to reports, it was a sign of affection, which is something we are unsure about. However, the fact remains, he died by the grip of his pet snake. Therefore, make sure you know all of the dangers of the specific species before you consider having one as a pet.

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