Safety Rules for Dogs and Kids Playing Together

Parents have a real reason to be concerned about kids and dogs leaving or playing together. Statistics show that most dog bites causing injury to involve medium to large-sized dogs and children under the age of five. Young babies and children should never be left alone with a dog. Most dogs, even the well-trained ones, do not consider children as figures of authority. Dog’s reactions are automatic. A dog will react to situations according to what his instincts tell him. At the same time, a potential relationship between a child and a dog could be precious. Families can create lots of fun and endless games by teaching the dog and the child to respect and appreciate each other.

By following some simple rules, most dogs and kids can stay friends happily ever after. Children should be taught never to hit dogs with their hands or an object, to lower their voices when playing with the dog, and to leave the dog alone when he’s sleeping, eating, or ill. Dogs should be exposed to socializing with small children at an early age. Socialization can be as simple as walking the dog near a playground where children are making noise, running, and playing. Also, remember that what your dog tolerates from your children may not be tolerated from someone else’s. Take extra safety precautions when other children visit.

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