What Pet Frog Can You Hold?

So, you are looking to have a pet frog? Maybe it is for you alone, or as a family pet. Either way, you probably want to hold it, too. That will make you ask; what pet frog can you hold? Usually, having a pet means handling them, taking them out of their personal environment once in a while, and seeing them a bit closer than you would normally. Of course, you can do that more with some pets than others. But can you handle frogs at all?

Some frogs such as the Poison Dart frog and Mantellas should never be handled. Whereas some, like the Amazon Milk frog, and Red-eyed tree frog, can tolerate occasional handling. White tree frogs, on the other hand, can usually tolerate regular handling without too many issues. Some others that you can hold are Soloman Leaf frogs and Yellow-spotted Climbing toads. No matter which frog you have, if you ever need to hold it, remember to wash your hands before holding them (they absorb oil and other things from your skin), and wherever possible, wear nonpowdered vinyl gloves.

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