Can Different Cat Food Reduce Allergens?

The view has always been that you have two options if you have a cat allergy. One is to not have cats, which is a real nightmare for our cat lovers. The other option was to constantly clean and spray everywhere your cat goes to reduce the allergens in the air, which is pretty difficult. However, there may be a better alternative that no one would have thought possible. That is a new food created by Purina called Pro Plan LiveClear.

While the studies have not shown that this food alone will eliminate the allergens completely, they have shown that, with only two full weeks of feeding daily with the food, the third week shows a decrease of around 47% of allergens in cat fur and dander. It works by using a specific egg protein to bind with the primary allergen, Fel d 1. However, Purina has said that this food is only to be used as an addition to allergen management and not a replacement. However, it is certainly a great addition for those suffering from cat allergies.

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