Holistic Medicine Energy Flow

Every human being has an invisible energy flow, often referred to as the “life force.” The state of the energy flow has direct and powerful effects on our physical health. On the other hand, our psychological state can also influence the state of the energy flow, thus creating a circular pattern, in which the body and the soul determine each other’s state. A balanced and constant energy flow allows the body to fight off infections and germs on its own, with the strength of the immune system. However, a weakened energy flow allows infections to develop and spread quickly. Any small medical problem has the potential of becoming a severe illness if the flow is not restored.

How is the Energy Flow Disrupted?

Many factors can lead to a low or irregular energy flow, which, in turn, will increase the chances of disease. Many pet owners take their favorite dog, cat, horse, or even goldfish to a holistic vet after traditional medicine fails to administer them a successful treatment. In most cases, the holistic approach is to instruct the owner how to help the pets go through a period of detoxification, in which they would eliminate most of the artificially introduced elements in their bodies. Often, this refers to medical drug treatments, such as frequent vaccinations, toxic flea, and heartworm treatments, different prescription drugs, and so on. Other causes for disturbances in the energy flow are all sorts of chemical poisoning, often triggered by pesticides or artificial fertilizers that the pets come in contact with. Pollution and increased metal ingestion might cause similar problems.

Charging the Energy Flow

There are also many different ways to improve the state of your pet’s energy levels. Acupuncture is often used as one of the most effective treatments for this sort of problem. Homeopathy is also a trusted tool of holistic vets, providing pets with efficient and convenient healing methods. Different oils and smelling essences are often used in combination with one of the treatments, as mentioned earlier types, to speed up pet recovery. Magnetic therapy works best with pets affected by radiation and artificial outside stimuli. Pulsating electromagnetic field therapy is one of the frequently used ways of restoring the balance of energy flow. A fully charged and restored flow will show in the way your pet looks and behaves.

Success where Everything Else Fails

Many holistic vets have taken on pet cases that were considered “irrecoverable” by traditional vets. Cases of chloride poisoning combined with epilepsy were never solved by conventional treatment but were successfully treated with holistic healing. Prostate tumors in male dogs are another area where holistic medicine seems to take the lead. Holistic vets who found different toxic agents in the pet’s liver and central nervous systems solved many paralysis and partial paralysis cases. Other pets are sick for no apparent cause: blood tests, x-rays, and other tests showing nothing out of the ordinary. Holistic medicine faces such cases from a broad spectrum of possibilities, significantly increasing the chances that a well-targeted and effective cure is found.

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