Dog Basics

Dogs are the most suitable companion animals, and their average age of 11 to 15 years, even 20 years, energy and our lives for so long, so the choice must be considered good, the election of a large dog or puppy, long hair or short hair, dogs or bitches. Pet care should start early, preferably two months old to 6-month-old dog, easy to tune and to cultivate their feelings; if the home was taken care of long-haired dogs can choose, they need regular grooming and pruning, especially molt season, in particular, consideration of, to enable them to become a killer, attractive dog; choice feeding is also a male dog or bitch you need to consider the issue, male dogs are usually large and lively than some of the bitch, the bitch is more cordial, read at home, particularly fond of children.

Usually, the way we choose pets: pet’s breeding farms, pet shops, or from friends to buy. Dog the informal sector can provide a certificate of origin, contents include dog name, dog name, date of birth, sex, color, breeders, immunization time. So you can understand the origin of puppies, and whether vaccination and other general situation. We must be careful when purchasing dogs observed, do not be too hasty, and when attention:

1, ears and eyes are essential. It should look something wrong. Ears flexible activities, the ear canal to clean, no smell, listeners to the inside of the pink as health. Apex will not have dander, to prevent parasites, often side head thrown ears may be the defective ear.

2, the skin should be soft and flexible, not induration, hypertrophy, skin have lice, scabies mites, and other parasites or other skin problems. Skin disease or pests in dogs, in the short term, will not take it anymore, with claws scratching the lesion, and more than once, several times in succession. You have to see it scratching the site, with or without erythema, and then the skin will find something wrong with the meticulous inspection.

Three special attention should be below the dog’s tail and if the “yellow printed” suffered from the recent signs of diarrhea or diarrhea and should not buy. But also to see whether there is redness or anal ulceration phenomenon.

4, check the dog’s footpads. Soft, not dry, is a healthy dog.

5, observe the dogs like it close and get along, do not select the nervous, timid, emotional instability in the dog.

Six should pay attention to the dog’s bones, such as whether the deformation of the skull, spine without bending, jaw, or without cracks, with or without dislocation of the hip and knee, and so on. Best hand-to-the skull, maxilla, mandible, cervical vertebrae, and then back along the spine and limbs touching. Then let the dog exercise, to see whether the transport step and run, jump and beautiful, or have a limp. When the best focus in the dog, a little distance in front of it throwing paper balls or toys, to guide it forward that running or burst forth, to see whether the response of its agility, movement is flexible, you can determine whether the limb bone problem. Dog bone problems, many caused by inbreeding and genetic, and should not be fed. These problems, on our observations, the certificate of origin can not explain.

After selecting the dog, ask feeding situations, such as to replace the amount of food fed, must be reduced until the dog to adapt to, and then restored to increase the amount of feed. If you have not been vaccinated, so the dog went after a good conditioning. This allows you to have a healthy dog. Note to buy the puppy dog of the genetic disease. We must observe whether the hereditary puppies infectious diseases, or, pay big bucks to buy the puppy, the harm to the family is not small. Missing teeth to spot the dog, for example, dogs with missing teeth in many spots, which is the result of inbreeding. Some puppies bite temper and emotionally unstable, if the dog bites its extraordinary predecessor, then the next generation of dogs are also prone to this phenomenon. Eyelash “inverted” inverted eyelashes eyes will hurt puppies, after the first year will be even more severe, a severe white film from the eye and degradation. Shar-Pei and Chow Chow dogs are more general.

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