So you have a safe and stress-free Easter time

Easter is coming. Some people may think that unlike Christmas or New Year’s Eve, this festival is not associated with stress or dangers for the animal darling. However, this is not entirely true. In this article, you will learn what you should pay attention to on the Easter holidays and how it will be a relaxed and beautiful festival for all two and four-legged friends involved.

Easter tips for pets: So you have a safe and stress-free Easter time

At Easter, too, it often happens that the family comes together or friends come to visit. It would be best if you always kept in mind that new or strange people can mean stress for your darlings. Your hearing is a lot more sensitive than ours. Therefore, if you have a visitor, you should make sure that your animal roommate has a retreat in case it gets too much for him. Besides, it is vital that, despite the public holidays, the walkies take place as usual.

Be careful with the Easter decoration.

Every Easter at Easter, plastic Easter eggs are hung on branches in many households, and it is colourfully decorated.
It can quickly happen that your dog or cat confuses the funny colourful eggs with toys. This can be quite dangerous, because the plastic eggs do not stand up to the sharp teeth of your darlings, unlike animal-friendly dolls. In the worst case, the animals can injure themselves on the splinters or swallow them. Therefore, you should make sure that your decoration is always out of the paw range.

Animal baking recipes instead of chocolate

Everyone is happy about the delicious chocolate Easter eggs or chocolate Easter bunnies at Easter, but not our four-legged friends. At least they shouldn’t because chocolate is not suitable for them. Since they sometimes do not know this themselves, you should make sure that you do not leave chocolate in places where your darlings could eat them. Also, you should, of course, not feed chocolate to your favourites. Instead, you can bake your four-legged friend’s great Easter cookies. I looked for some great recipes for you. Here are the baking recipes.

Easter search with the dog

You can feed your homemade cookies to your darling, or you can hide them.

Because not only children are happy about an excellent hide and seek game at Easter. Your fur noses also like to sniff out a few surprises. So pack a nest with the cookies or hide a few treats in the garden of the apartment and let them find your favourite. He will surely enjoy playing, protect, and seek. Nevertheless, do not overfeed your animal friend at Easter. You should still adhere to the natural feeding times and not give your four-legged friend too many treats.

I wish you and your animal friends a wonderful Easter and a lot of fun looking for goodies. 😉

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