The Benefits of Homeopathy

Holistic veterinarians often consider homeopathy to be one of the best methods of treating illnesses. Thus medical treatment utilizes precise and small doses of various remedies that can be found in nature. Since all remedy ingredients are mineral, vegetable, or animal, homeopathic medicines do not present many of the negative side affects exhibited by artificially engineered medical drugs. The holistic principle that determines the type of homeopathic treatment is based on the idea that is stated in the “Law of Similarities.” In other words, homeopathy is useful in a sick person (or animal) if the same dosage can cause the same kind of sickness in a healthy person. The word “homeopathy” is derived from two Greek terms “homeos,” which stands for “similar,” and “pathos,” which means “suffering.” Many holistic vets utilize this principle of healing a problem with a medicine that is very similar to the illness itself.

Homeopathic Treatments: Reaching the Pet’s Emotional Level

The similarity of homeopathic treatments used for pets and humans is very high. An excellent holistic vet will identify the sickness and find a homeopathic remedy that works well both on a physical side and on an emotional one. It is known that, as with humans, a happy and emotionally stable pet has better chances of eliminating disease more quickly. On the other hand, a pet dominated by stress and anxiety will have slower physical responses to healing treatments. We often ignore, even as pet owners, the fact that our dogs and cats have emotions – which, unfortunately, they cannot express as well as humans. However, by keeping a close eye on our pet’s life and evolution, we can strengthen the communication bridge and be able to understand the pet’s needs better.

The Popularity of Homeopathic Pet Treatments

There is well-deserved and increasing popularity in the use of homeopathic pet treatments. Not only do these treatments eliminate the disease, but they also allow the immune system to adapt to it and fight it off in the future. Even though the popularity levels of homeopathic pet treatments are not very high in the United States (in 1900 about twenty percent of doctors were homeopaths) it is well recognized in most European countries and India or South America. However, even in the US, we can see an ascending trend of homeopathic pet treatments as veterinarians discover the harmonious effects that this treatment form can have on the pets. Holistic veterinarians consider homeopathy one of their best “tools” for treating illness or injury – it works with the pet’s organic makeup, not against it, and it is non-toxic.

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