Should You Bathe Your Ferret?

Ferret owners know that they can get into anything and everything if their mischievous minds want to. That often leads them to getting dirty and smelly, which leads you to the question; can you bathe your ferret? The simple answer is yes, you can. However, there are two types of bath that you can give to a ferret, and we will go through those now. The first thing to understand is, does your ferret like water or not? if they do, then it will be a lot easier than if they run away from it.

If you can, lower your ferret into a hot shallow bath. They need the water to be about as hot as we would have a hot bath. That’s because their body temperature is higher than humans. After you have settled them in the water, get them fully wet with a cup or jug. Use some pet shampoo to clean them, and rinse them well. Then you just need to towel dry them and not let them out to get dirty again. Alternatively, you can soak some real oats in a bag in the bath, and then just rub them with the water.

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