What Do Pet Ferrets Need?

As you may have seen, we have featured pet ferrets in a few of the past articles. That is simply because they are so much more popular now than they ever have been. Gone are the days of people only having them to hunt rodents on farms, etc. People are now having them as domesticated pets, for fun and companionship. However, what do pet ferrets need? Do they have a lot of requirements to fill? Usually, a 3x3x2 feet cage will give them enough room while caged, so long as there are no sharp edges.

Beds should be made of cloth that they will not eat, as wood can be dangerous to them, and especially cedar, as it is toxic. You can train ferrets to use litter boxes, too. But be sure not to use clumping cat litter, or keep it too close to where they eat or sleep. Always provide your pet ferret with plenty of fresh water and kitten food or specific ferret food. Furthermore, they are very excitable animals with high energy levels, so they will want to jump around and play a lot when they are out of their cage. So, pet ferrets don’t need a lot, food, water, exercise, and somewhere to sleep.

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