Common dog

Modern dog species in shape, appearance, and behavior than any other domesticated animals, the difference even more fabulous. But also if such a discrepancy between the various types of extremes, dogs still have their wild wolf ancestors of the common property. All canids are predators or scavengers, with easy to attack, capture, and tearing their food and strong claws sharp fangs.

Dog limb structure to make them quickly when necessary, to attack or to jump forward for the catch or catch their prey. Therefore, they have small, solid feet, use the front foot movement; front legs soft and flexible, the muscles used only with the trunk connection; hind legs are strong and sturdy.

Dog class is dual-color, as persons, so the standards of the human-dog course was color category 1,2 and because the dog than the human eye Toujing be flat, so they can not see too many details of things; the other hand, a dog eyes than the human eye is more sensitive to light and movement. Some types of dogs, in particular, is the best type of sighthound sniffing (sighthound), with 270 ° vision range (100 ° to humans only 120 °), while the bulk of the dog (broad-headed) will have a small range of forwarding vision number, only 180 °. 1,2

Dogs feel the limit of low-frequency sound waves 20 to 70Hz (humans 16 to 20Hz), the feeling of a high-frequency sound limit of 70,000 to 100000Hz (human-20000Hz) 2, Also, the dog’s ear can be active, which can help them quickly and accurately locate the source of the sound. The positioning of a dog sounds faster than a person to fast, and they heard the sound four times the distance than the human away.

Dogs in a pocket-handkerchief the size of a range of nearly 200 million 20 million olfactory cells (human size in the field of stamps, only 5 million). After optimization of certain types of hunting is the work can sniff that the chemical receptors in the nose while the dog can feel the chemicals, but the dogs do not understand the idea is too simplistic; Although still controversial, but now look at to be sure is that dogs can track, the distinction between two different types of flavors, such as bringing a person through the air smell or taste something.

The taste of the general on the ground in a very long time to stay. For both types of smell to track after a while, the situation will become very different: the flavor will be off the air. However, the scent is still active, the taste of the ground can be relatively permanent dogs repeated the search, but its flavor is also more likely than other contamination. For any event, can be sure that training a dog who does not teach the dog how to achieve beyond their natural capacity to be more conducive to tracking; dog training can show people that rely on the appropriate excitation objects, so the dog to focus on a flavor, and ignore the other feelings, untrained dogs may be more interested in different flavors. Search for flavor, such as the illegal cargo on board to search for the work, is very appropriate for the dog, the hard work is a long-term training must be conducted to encourage its continued.

All the dogs have fantastic grasp and understanding of complex social behavior, body language and sounds of different ability, like many other predators, dogs can also make the appropriate response to abnormal situations and learn from experience. Complex cooperative social behavior through the body language of dogs passed dealing with emotional perception, or even the requirements are high, even on this point is even higher requirements than humans, because humans can use language to achieve the same purpose.

Physiologically, this behavior is under a lot of nerve stimulation of facial muscle activity separated from the dog, the nerves controlling the subtle facial expressions to express the different emotions; can be compared to a cat, cat face, only a relatively small The nerve responsible for facial muscle activity, the result is a cat show limited only by the emotional faces. Do not use language to express the different emotions to understand and make the dog owner to a deeper understanding of human emotions. They often use the word than humans do it better. Most dog owners can tell a lot about their dogs as they hear the sound of the footsteps story home.

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