Are Guinea Pigs Easy To Take Care Of?

Many children want pets at a relatively young age. While the thought of having a pet may be the worst idea for some, there are other people who like the idea but are unsure about what pet to have. That can lead to wondering about smaller animals, and questions like; are guinea pigs easy to take care of? The easiest answer to the question is yes, they are relatively easy to take care of. Providing you do some research and get their set up right for them, they do not need a lot of attention except for the attention that you want to give to them.

All they need is a nice place to live, with fresh hay, clean water, guinea pig pelleted food, vegetables, and some vitamin C supplements. While that may sound like a lot, you can buy most of the things in bulk, and add veg from your own diet. Furthermore, they are great for children as they are hardy animals, with less fragility than rabbits, and they are a lot less nervous than smaller animals such as mice. So, in conclusion, yes guinea pigs are easy to take care of.

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