Are Guinea Pig Mites Contagious?

So you have a guinea pig and you see that it has mites. That can be one of the worst things that you see, especially if you have other pets. Your mind wanders and you start to think how difficult it is going to be to sort the problem out. However, the first thing that you need to ask is; are guinea pig mite contagious? The guinea pig mite that you see will be one of two types: Trixacarus caviae or Chirodiscoides caviae.

Luckily, both varieties of mites are specific to the species, so it is impossible for them to live on other animals. However, there is no discrimination between guinea pigs, they can and will infect any other guinea pig that you have living with the one that has the mites. That passing of the mites can be done through bedding or fur contact. Therefore, if one of your guinea pigs has them, you are best to separate them as quickly as you can, change all of the bedding, and treat them all straight away.

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