Tips In Choosing a Pet Dog

When we speak of dogs, there are numerous pictures of cute dogs which appears in our minds like cross-breeds, mongrels, or even native dogs. The advantage of selecting a genuine breed dog is that their characteristics and temperaments are fixed and you will be in less trouble in structuring an environment for them. While, if you choose a cross-breed like a mongrel, their characteristics and temperament are not fixed, sometimes pet owners with mongrels find it hard to ascertain how big or how furry the dog is since they have no idea on what specific race dominates the dog’s genes. Also, they are having trouble in determining the specific behavior of the dogs, which leads to confusion and impaired growth.

It is important to plan what kind of breed to train because it should suit the owner’s circumstances. For example, a big dog requires more budget and expenses, while a smaller dog can have a cheaper budget and cheaper maintenance. Another, some dogs require a larger space to play, for a walk and even exercise while other dogs are not suitable for households, especially if you have small children who might get injured by larger dogs. Different dog breed requires a lot of exercises and some require meticulous handling while others are trainable. A little number of dog breeds is destructive when left at home while others are a loner and loves to sleep so always be sure to know the breed and specific behavior of a certain dog before you bring them home. This is to ensure that your chosen breed fits your lifestyle.

Another thing to remember when obtaining a pet dog is its age. For some, puppies are more appealing and cute that most pet lovers buy puppies instead of adult dogs. But, caring for a puppy is like caring for a toddler. Periodically, they love to play, and they need more supervision, like caring and feeding. Unlike adult dogs, puppies are more sensitive, and you should be careful of every action you take since it will stain their minds as they grow. Also, puppies require a lot of training activities and would probably give you headaches when they start to chew your slippers and shoes as their teeth grow. Also, they are more vulnerable to sickness so you should always be alert on the symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, sticky eyes, lethargy, and matted fur. A regular visit to a veterinarian solves this problem. That is why, for some, they prefer an adult dog than a puppy. The last thing to consider is the sex of the dog. In general, female dogs require more attention than a male dog. Female dogs are more trainable, but they are messier too, especially when they try to escape the attention of male dogs. On the other hand, male dogs are more challenging to handle and train, and sometimes they are more fixed in terms of temperament. Also, male dogs are more on wandering as they try to search for female partners.

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