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Cat Nail Covers Are A Great Alternative To Declawing Your Cat

Cat nail covers, otherwise known as Soft Claws and Soft Paws, indeed are an excellent substitute for getting your cat declawed. If you have problems with your kitty scratching all your household furniture, curtains and other belongings, you’ve got to try this product out. You can check out more info at Cat Nail Caps, but these are just awesome!

These nail caps are vinyl, and you fill them with the particular glue that’s included, then slip them over your cat’s claws. They take a little practice at first, but once you and your cat get used to it, it’s a rapid & easy process. The great thing about these nail caps is that they are perfectly safe for cats, and still will allow for the flexing of their paws. These are only placed on kitty’s front paws, so they can again scratch themselves with their back paws.


The kits come with 40 claws, and each set lasts around four or so weeks. Everything you need is included in the package. They also come in a wide variety of colors. It’s fun to match the nail colors up with your cat’s collar or use unique colors for holidays. For Christmas you can use green and red claws, alternating each claw with a different color, and for Halloween, you can use orange & black. They also come in bright, but if you use colors, it’s much easier to tell if one has come off.

So if you’ve been thinking about declawing your cat, please check out Soft Paws first!

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