How To Find A Pet Snake In The House

So you have a snake; one minute it is in its terrarium, the next, it’s not. Panic is the first thing that you do, but it shouldn’t be. We are about to have a game of hide and seek. Here is how to find a pet snake in the house.

Step one. – Close all of your windows and doors. Make sure they are closed tightly, as snakes can get through very small gaps. They are smooth, strong, flexible, and great at finding hiding spots.

Step two. – Move any other pets that you have to a safe area.

Step three. – Search the house, top to bottom. Look everywhere that you think of, and I mean everywhere. Even if you think that the snake wouldn’t go “there,” check. The most common places for them to hide is in warm areas such as behind appliances. However, they will go anywhere at all. Cupboards, shoes, bags, inside furnishings if they can, curtain rails, behind heaters, inside air ducts… literally everywhere.

Step four. – Set traps. The most effective trap is a heat trap. Turn all of your heating and lights off, but leave a shoebox or similar with a hole in. Have a heat pad inside, and wait. They are likely to find their way there at some point.

Keep looking until you find it, and then do something to stop it from escaping again.

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