How to choose a healthy dog

First, clinical observation of facial features to distinguish from:

bright eyes, God; demeanour and lively;
– no gum eyes, secretions;
– nose, delicate skin, moist;
– ear clean, no discharge, inflammation
– around the anus clean, no faecal adhesion, swelling and so on

Second, from the appearance of the resolution:

– the shiny body was Mao Falling
– body fat, thin, hair length compared the amount of
– mucosa pink visual
– appetite, energy

Third, to distinguish from stool:

– faeces showed a regular shape of a uniform, a part of the whole
– colour with a glossy, moderate hardness
– the pale yellow colour of urine

Fourth, the normal body temperature: 38 ℃ -39 ℃

Dog health protection

An immunization:

Newborn puppies through the placenta and breast milk to obtain a certain amount of immune antibody can protect the puppies in a certain period from the invasion of a specific source of infection. Due to the interference of maternal antibodies and vaccines in the antigenicity of the virus, so would interfere with active immunization Ziquan. Maternal antibodies obtained mainly through colostrum, colostrum intake according to the different amount of time, maternal antibodies protect the puppies there are some differences in the time; the same time virus protection for different time is different. Usually about eight weeks old puppies body maternal antibody levels have been lower than the concentration needed to protective immunity.

Of “distemper” and “small dog” immunity from maternal antibodies in the six or seven weeks has been reduced to a relatively low level, insufficient to resist the invasion of the two viruses. But this time there are others in the role of maternal antibodies, so it is temporarily unable to injection of 6 linked seedlings to avoid immune failure, this time in the 42 days of dose of the Netherlands Intervet doggy two together, this vaccine is specific to these kinds of situations, the injection can be quickly in one to two weeks to play a role in the “distemper” and “small dog” play a role in immunity.

After the injection of three to four weeks to six joint seedlings, repeated six to four weeks after injection of rabies associated +. Immunity after two weeks. At this point, complete the immunization process. After a six-year joint + additional disease. (The above example are Intervet)

Some friends area bivalent vaccine may not be available, if not in the traditional immunization procedure can be infected, the beginning of the first seven to eight weeks of age, immunization, injection hexamer, two weeks or three weeks (normal interval of two weeks of domestic vaccine, imported vaccines intervals for three weeks) after the second dose six joint injection, and then two to three weeks after the injection of six joint + rabies. If the infected area should be four to five weeks of age puppies injected with the hyperimmune serum, injected once again on the 10th interval, and then injected according to the traditional immunization procedure.

Note that:

1, the vaccine should be used the same brand, can not change the brand in the immune process, otherwise easily lead to immune failure.

2, vaccine storage conditions should be noted, and the inactivated vaccine should be stored in 2 – 8 degrees Celsius, to prevent freezing, heat and direct sunlight; attenuated should be stored in -15 degrees Celsius, to maintain its effectiveness.

3, confirm the health of the dogs can be vaccinated after vaccination usually 10 – 15 days immunity. During this period, puppies can not take a bath. Before the completion of the immunization program should minimize outdoor activities, do not touch the other dog.

4, for puppies age, due to health reasons can not be vaccinated, should be injected with the hyperimmune serum, to be the body to restore health, before vaccination.

Other insecticides:

Twenty days of age the puppies should be anthelmintics. Most puppies have intestinal parasites, is a bitch by the placenta or breast milk infection. General intestinal parasites are roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, and so on. Sick puppies loss of appetite, weight loss, growth retardation; constipation or diarrhoea, abdominal pain, vomiting, abdominal circumference increased. Severe infections can lead to severe complications and death. Adult parasite infections were generally invisible, so even if no parasites were found in the stool should also be time de-worming.

The first 20 days, de-worming puppies once a month until six months old, began six months of every quarter, an adult every six months.

Insecticide recommended deworming drugs in dogs and cats individual.

About coccidiosis, heartworm and other parasites need to drive off drive out under the guidance of doctors.

Ectoparasites mainly fleas, lice, etc., get rid of parasites can be imported from France drugs “Fulaien” sprays and drops have both, the effects were sound, safe, side effects, puppies can also be used. Another China-made “pest control rather” drops, the result is also very good, inexpensive.

Daily feeding and management

1, regular quantitative adequate exercise, sunshine

2, feeding times::1-40 day old puppy four meals a day-180 day, 40 meals; young dogs: two meals a day is appropriate; adult dogs: day one or two snacks. An adequate supply of clean drinking water

3, the daycare:

① in the long-haired dogs need daily combing hair thoroughly once;
② Select the dog-specific shampoo bath would be better;
③ before taking a bath clean anal glands squeezed.

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