French Bulldog on Several Issues

Question 1: Why should we support the French Bulldog? You want your dog to look like it?

(A) a partner?

(B) when they hear the ring to report an exception?

(C) the children a right partner?

(D) Nothing special requirements – just like a dog.

If your answer to d shows that you have not prepared with a good dog, and a French Bulldog meets a, b, c three requirements. His lively, brave, funny, is a dedicated friend.

If you need a quiet life in the yard, and sleeping at the doorsteps of the dog, French Bulldog This breed is not for you. French Bulldog owners need attention and companionship, to provide adequate exercise, and have some leisure time. In return, they can put their loyalty entirely to you. Whether indoors or outdoors in the sun, the French Bulldog and the kids can get along. Because it is a short-nosed breed, they can not run 90 miles per hour. Of course, you can not ask any of the breeds of dogs do this. Because they are smart, independent, puppies can be very naughty, and if you do not have a secure fence surrounded the yard, they may be lost because of fun and ran out.

Before buying any variety of puppies, you want to determine an essential thing: do not them as children’s toys. After a while, all the toys to play will be gradually forgotten, and a dog to survive about 10 to 14 years.

Question two: What type of French Bulldog for you? French Bulldog points following: first, sold as a pet (companion dog), have been neutered and can no longer reproduce. My personal view is large enough in a new home before the puppies go to, if not sterilized, as a severe breeder should ask the new owner to do. Another is the competition level of the dog, and they sometimes need to win a championship before breeding honour.

Question three: What is the purpose of their original? They were initially bred as a companion dog.

Four questions: Do you want your dog to participate in dog shows it? If you are interested in participating in dog shows, puppies before you buy and you know the state of the French Bulldog Club or the National French Bulldog Club, contact. They will provide you in your region and the world French Bulldog breeder list. Not every dog is good competition dogs. Somebody is too large, some too small, or the teeth bite is not correct and so on. They will be sold as pets, and to become the most lovely family member.

Five questions: How to choose a puppy? You need to understand the breed’s integrity and ability. Do not try to buy the other way. A regular breeder greatest asset is his credibility. From a reputable breeder where you can achieve value for money, and in times of emergency advice and assistance free of charge. If you and your dog will have to separate, they will help him find a new home, or bring him back. Another critical point is that if you from a reputable breeder to buy puppies, but later discovered that he has flaws, it can be returned to look for him, or let him answer your complaint.

Issue six: from pet shops, brokers or puppy is the worst market to buy puppies choice. These puppies do have a lovely face, but you must be strong enough to face the future happen. The sale of each one of those places where the public will give puppy dogs and bitches to increase the reproductive burden, to having more puppies to make money. Even sadder is that you can not understand how your puppies are born. Production of a bitch is lying on a soft blanket, some people love her in the side to help, or column in the cold iron bars, in the most need of help when she was alone?

I strongly suggest you join your state, “French Bulldog Club.” Even those who can not attend meetings and exciting game, you and your area of residence from the club members get a lot of help. You should choose a healthy, secure, does not love called, smart puppies. And has been vaccinated, and after debugging, you can pick him home. The breeder should provide you with a feeding program and veterinary records so that you can save the bird puppy immunization records.

If you like adult dogs, to contact the club, where for some reason, sometimes some owners can no longer support them, the dogs need to find a new home.

Sterilization it? If you want your French Bulldog to participate in dog shows, it certainly is not sterilization. All participating dogs must be physically complete. But as a pet, male dogs and bitches can be in 6 months for their sterilization.

Bitch give birth to litter before neutering is not the right way, so should not only increase the number of pups born, but there still is no benefit to the bitch. Sterilization does not change the dog’s personality.

Be careful of bone and leather nylon bone. French Bulldog has a full mouth; they can swallow anything in his mouth. Pig ears for them is fatal. Only when you are next to the monitor to give them these things.

Some suggestions: your dog will be with you not less time, so you should be a careful and wise decision, you want to your new family members. These new members need food, shelter and vet. It would be best if you fenced surrounded the yard to prevent him from being hit by a car, but also the swimming pool fenced off because the French Bulldogs are not good at swimming, or only will not. Their heads are too heavy, as in water, like a box of bricks sink. Must use leash takes you by the French Bulldog; they may be to chase a leaf and suddenly changed his mind to cross the street; the result is we do not want to think of.

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