Why You Need To Treat Dog Eye Problems As Emergencies

There are many issues that you can come across in dogs‘ eyes. While you may think that some of them only look like minor issues that may resolve on their own, they are not. All dog eye issues should be treated as emergencies, no matter what you may think. Even when you think that you know what the issue is, you may not be right. Any issues with the eyes can cause permanent damage, maybe even blindness.

If you notice an issue with your dog’s eyes, you must put on a cone straight away. If you do not, you are going to let the dog aggravate it by rubbing and scratching at it. Then, seek professional veterinary advice as soon as possible. Make sure that you tell them the problem, too. That way, they can try and fit you in for emergency care. If possible, take photos and send them to the vet at the same time; they may be able to give you some advice over the phone on what you can do until they can see your dog.

All eye issues should be treated as emergencies, or you run the risk of them going blind! Ensure that you have a dog cone ready at all times.

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