Sammy the Pig & the Amazing Vet

Sharyn just e-mailed us, letting us know that our poor little piggy Sammy had to get emergency surgery last week. You wouldn’t believe the story if I told it, so I have attached her e-mail below to read this fantastic story. She also provided the name and phone number of this tremendous Vet in case any of you need a horse or pig vet in New York.

Sammy had to have his hooves clipped and needs to be under anesthesia. He has this done every six months. No problem, routine procedure. Well, 2 Sundays ago, Sammy had his hooves done. After the procedure, I asked the Vet why Sammy always squints his eyes all the time? He proceeded to check his eyes and noticed that his eyelashes grow on the inside of his eyes over his eyeballs! He said that he would need surgery in a few weeks to correct this problem. A Surgery that this Vet never did before on Pigs. So, we said we would talk about who would do it for him.

When the Vet left, I thought while Sam was still under anesthesia, I would lift his eyelid and cut the eyelashes to see if Sam got relief. Well, now, the nightmare begins!!! The next night when I got home from work, Sam was crying and keeping his eyes closed!!! I didn’t know what to do, so I called the Vet. It was now about 8:30 at night. He Came over right away, which took him about 1 hour to get here. We had to put Sam out again, and he did an eye exam. Sam now has Ulcers on his eyes from being scratched from the cut eyelashes! OH NO!!!! He said he has to do emergency surgery right here and now!!!

I freaked out! Well, now he has to do a surgery that he never did before on the floor in my house! What Sam needed was an Eye Lift! He has to cut out a piece of the upper eyelid and stitch the pieces together, so the eyelashes are now off the eyeball! Well, the procedure took a couple of hours for both eyes. He finished at 12:30 AM! This guy was amazing! You should have seen the position he had to do this surgery in!!! He was a Super Star!!! He did it correctly!!! You would have been amazed! This was so amazing to watch! Now Sammy can see better than ever now and is doing just fine!

I just wanted all of you to know about this AMAZING MAN with a heart of gold, and if you ever need a Vet for your Horse or Pig, this is your man. His name is Dr.Camilo Siera. I will never forget what he did for us!

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