Can Pet Rats Get COVID?

So you have finally been allowed to go and see relatives. However, it is unlikely that you were going to take your pet rat with you, especially if you had to travel a long distance. When you come back you find out that the person looking after your pet may have COVID. Or, perhaps you are just extra cautious, which is good. Either way, you may be asking yourself; can pet rats get COVID? Are you running a risk taking them back before you know all is clear?

The truth of the matter (as we correctly know it) is that most small pets, rats included, cannot pass Coronavirus onto humans. I say most because ferrets can show signs of colds and flu-like people. Therefore, they are likely to be susceptible to covid, too. However, while rats are not likely to catch or transmit the disease, you will have to take the time to thoroughly clean their accessories and habitat, as they may have the virus on them, which will transmit to you.

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