Can Pet Rabbits Live Outside?

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Keeping pet rabbits is a nice hobby, especially if you have children. However, thinking about where they need to live is another matter altogether. One of the more common questions about owning a rabbit is; can they live outside? While you may think that they can, as do many wild rabbits, the truth is slightly different. Remember that wild rabbits will live in burrows, not just in the open.

Therefore, if you want to keep a pet rabbit outdoors, you need to think about their shelter. They can live outside all year round. However, it is ideal if you can move their homes into an unused shed with natural light and ventilation during the winter. That is not always easy to do, though. So, if you are thinking of keeping your pet rabbit outside, you will need to make their homes as weatherproof as possible. Keep them out of direct sunlight and wind, and raised off the ground to avoid them getting wet.

Furthermore, please give them a draught-free area to rest, with an accessible run for when they want it. If you get all of the things in place, you can easily keep them outdoors all year.

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