Dogs Have Sweet Teeth Too

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Having an extra-large sweet tooth runs in my family. Therefore, I am genetically programmed to indulge in as much chocolate and pastry as I possibly can regularly. Unfortunately, it seems that I have passed this hereditary trait onto my dog.

He hovers and sniffs wildly as I nibble on my bedtime bit of dark chocolate each evening, begging with his eyes just for one sweet piece! Although I know that chocolate is not suitable for doggies, I still feel as though I am depriving him of one of life’s great pleasures.

So this holiday season, as I stock my home with sweets galore, I have a special surprise for the Murphy dog. Tempting Truffles from Happy Tails Pet Boutique! These sweet treats are beautifully decorated to look like the real thing but are made from carob, a dog-safe alternative to cocoa. Carob is also very healthy for pups, containing as much vitamin B1 as strawberries, more vitamin A than asparagus, and the same amount of niacin as in some lentils. We can all feel good about spoiling our dogs with the yummy chocolate flavor they crave but in a healthy-for-them form.

Now, if only they could make a vitamin-packed version of real chocolate for me.

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