Can Pet Fish Hear You?

Pet fish are wonderful creatures to observe in their underwater habitat. We enjoy looking into their world and watching them swim through their day. The even more intriguing thought, however, is that they might actually enjoy looking into our waterless world and seeing us go about our daily lives. We have already answered the question about fish recognizing us, but can they hear us, too? Whenever we have the chance to see fish in a tank, we are told not to tap on the glass. Is that because of the noise or the vibrations?

Most thoughts aim towards the vibrations, as they may mimic inherent dangers such as predators, which can frighten them. However, if you take the time to talk to your fish, you will see that they may actually respond to your voice. Fish are not usually bothered about noise as there is a lot of it in the water. But when they are captive pets, there is less noise. Therefore, you may get to see them respond well to your voice, especially if you talk to them just before feeding them every day.

Try it for yourself.

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