Are Pet Birds Loud at Night?

Some people who want pet birds are reluctant to have them because they think they are too noisy. While in the day that is not often a problem, you may ask yourself if birds are loud at night. If they are, that can become very frustrating, especially if you are a light sleeper. Some pet birds are loud at night in general. However, birds like budgies are only noisy at night if they do not have the right conditions.

If you have the right conditions for them, they are unlikely to make much noise. However, that means that they have to be in a silent room with no light getting to them. If they have those elements, budgies are unlikely to make much noise at all. Budgies will only make a lot of noise if they are frightened. Other birds such as parrots, will be pretty loud at dawn and dusk, but relatively quiet at night. So, are pet birds loud at night? That all depends on the individual species.

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