Can I take my pet to the tourist attractions?

I want to take my pet to tourist attractions in southern Illinois. I don’t know if they will be let in or not. I know places like theme parks would probably not allow it, but why not? If I keep up after my dog’s “presents,” why not let him and enjoy a day together. I love my dog, and he loves me, but it seems I can’t find anyplace where we can enjoy each others company.

My dog is very social and gets along with people and other pets. They say that pets relieve stress, maybe everyone should take their dogs with them sooner than flip off the guy that just cut you off and starting a road rage incident, pet the dog and continue on your way. My dog does have one annoying habit, he likes to find a place to lick someone, and he licks until he has developed a wet spot. This is the first dog I’ve ever known to do that, and I can’t figure out why. Other than that he is the most loveable, the most beautiful, the softest friend that I have. The cat, on the other hand, is the wife’s and she doesn’t like me much.

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