Bunnies get used to each other

Holding a rabbit is a lot of fun for young and old. But it is even better to keep several animals together and to offer them a species-appropriate life. In addition to a large cage, sufficient exercise space, and appropriate feed, it is also necessary to slowly get used to the animals. This applies to rabbits as well as to guinea pigs, which should also not be kept alone because they are amiable animals. Contrary to popular belief that rabbits and guinea pigs can be kept together in a cage, this should be avoided. They do not live together but only next to each other since they do not speak the same “language.”

This is how the rabbits get along.

Usually, the rabbits are brought together from different litters. It is, therefore, vital to get used to them slowly. It is particularly easy when it comes to young animals. For example, these can be placed next to each other in two closed areas. This gives them the opportunity to get used to the smell of the other rabbit without being directly confronted with it. Of course, it is also excellent if a large freewheel is available. The animals can also be placed here. However, before they can be kept together permanently in a cage, it must first be observed whether they are compatible with each other, even in a small space. If you do not want to have cubs, you should also check whether they are two same-sex animals or have one of them neutered. So there is no danger for youngsters. If the assembly is successful, the rabbits usually get along throughout their lives.

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