Attack Dog Training

Attack dog training is required for any guard dog and especially for police dogs. It is an essential part of the whole dog training process. You should have an excellent knowledge of the dog’s psychology and physiology of its behavior patterns. Also, you should be very aware of the training techniques to be able to conduct a correct training course.

To begin an attack dog training, you should have gained absolute control over your dog. This means that your dog should be taught to obedience and mastered it. A dog that does not obey your commands is an unreliable dog that is not suitable for attack training. However, this same dog may be ideal for other purposes as so far it has become a very well trained dog.

Dogs are predators by nature and have strong instincts. They attack when they are threatened, provoked, annoyed, or distracted in some way (by noises, if someone hurts them, etc.). A well-trained dog should ignore everything that surrounds him and focus on the dog owner’s commands. It is like capturing the aggression and letting it go upon command. It sounds pretty hard for a person, let alone for a dog.
Moreover, a dog should not react to any everyday situations (or people’s behavior), similar to the ones used to teach him to attack. The second part – to stop the attack upon command is even harder. Trainers are using various techniques to teach a dog to attack. Usually, they include provocation – taking food away from the dog, trying to hit it, provoking the dog, and then running, looking the dog directly into the eyes, etc.

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