Are Pet Mice Friendly?

Everyone loves a friendly pet, especially one that children can handle, watch, and look after on their own. Children love mice as they are on a lot of TV programs and films. However, that does rais the question of if mice are friendly or not. The truth is, if you are looking for something that your children can handle, a mouse might not be the best bet. Not because they are vicious, but more because they are small, therefore need a gentle touch, but they are fast, too. So, it would be best if you were on your guard, especially if you have cats, too.

Mice can bite you sometimes if they are threatened, but if you and your children understand that they need to be treated gently, you can make it work out pretty well. They are fun to watch if you have a female pair. They run around and play a lot together, meaning that you don’t have to handle them all the time to get the enjoyment out of them. All in all, they are friendly pets if you treat them properly.

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