Are Bearded Dragons Friendly?

If you are looking at getting a reptile for a pet, your first thought maybe that they are not very friendly, especially when they puff their beards up. However, that is when they are not feeling overly happy. Almost all animals will have a personality of some sort. That can mean they are more or less aggressive or docile than other pets of the same species.

The truth is that Bearded dragons are amazing as first pets from the reptile world. They are very friendly and docile most of the time, and they love human contact if you do it from a young age. You will see that, even at a young age, your bearded dragon will start to show its personality, and you can embrace that by allowing them to develop it fully. Their individuality is one of the best things about them, so the last thing you should do is to try and change it.

So, in answer to the question, yes, bearded dragons are friendly, and they can be the next best thing to having a dog, and sometimes even better!

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