Pet Products for Anybody

A couple of years ago, I saw a most dramatic and evocative wedding on one of the talk shows (airing pre-reality shows, that is). The bride and groom were adorable with their silk and satin outfits, their dress and tails, their whiskers, and collars. Wait. Whiskers and collars? Yes, the bride and groom were doggies. When I thought I had seen the ultimate in spectacular TV, I saw the other night, haute couture for dogs–dresses, coats, booties, feather boas, Sherlock Holmes style hats, jewellery, and more. Sure, for some of us–ahem–more eccentric folk, this may be typical in the way of pet products. Then again, for most of us, pet products have on the list of natural food, treats, pet beds, and exercise equipment, pet homes and houses, pet toys, grooming tools, and more. But notice I didn’t include pet clothing? The cats tell me we should save that for Paris and Nicole’s dogs, who love being bejewelled, booted, hatted, and dressed in pink t-shirts. Do they laugh at this: a cat in a t-shirt? Wahaha.

Do Animals Dream of Electric Pet Doors?

If they are electronic, robotic animals and pets like those in Philip Dick’s futuristic novel, they might. Dream of the electronic pet doors, the double-paned and weather-proofed pet doors, and the lockable pet doors that is. And even if they are here and now flesh and blood pets, stuck inside while the humans are away at work or stuck outside in inclement weather after the humans have fallen into a deep sleep, they might dream of the ultimate portal for self-sufficiency, self-help, and self-control. Maybe it was a cat who dreamed up the advancements made on pet doors, then, as autonomous and independent as the feline species is. Maybe–just maybe it was the anxious, energetic dog who thought of a more efficient way to get out fast, get in sooner. Then again, perhaps it was a devoted pet lover who found technology and efficiency when combined, make for super high-tech pet doors, ala Philip K. Dick.

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