Are Maine Coon Cats Friendly? – The Truth

As one of the biggest domestic cat breeds, they can look very intimidating. Some of the intimidation is due to their looks (especially for the European breeds), as well as their size. It is those looks and the size of them that also makes them extremely appealing to people. However, one question that gets asked because of the intimidation is; are Maine Coon cats friendly? The simple answer is yes, they really are. I have Maine Coon cats myself, and they are extremely friendly. They will enjoy the attention that you give to them, but it is usually on their terms.

When they do not want the attention, that is not them being unfriendly, they are just kittens at heart. They would rather go and play or explore their surroundings. However, when they want the affection, they will come to you and ask for it. One thing that you do have to watch out for with them is their playfulness and size. They have big paws, which means big claws, too. Therefore, when you play with them, they can become a little too enthusiastic as they are kittens at heart, and that can lead to scratches. However, they are not intentional, and you can spot signs pretty easily and stop playing as soon as you see them.

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