What Pet Lizards Don't Eat Insects

What Pet Lizards Don’t Eat Insects?

Let’s face it, some people love lizards but hate the idea of feeding them live insects. Whether that is because they do not want to handle them, or they don’t like seeing animals eat each... Read more
Why Wont My Pet Snake Eat

Why Wont My Pet Snake Eat?

If your snake will not eat, the first thing you need to do is know how often they should be. A small, young snake should be eating about twice a week, whereas a larger, more... Read more
Why Your Pet Rabbit Can't Move Its Back Legs

Why Your Pet Rabbit Can’t Move Its Back Legs

If you have noticed that your pet rabbit can’t move its back legs, it is likely to be either hind limb paralysis (complete inability to move its legs) or paresis (partial movement). First of all,... Read more
What Is Post-hibernation Anorexia

What Is Post-hibernation Anorexia?

If you have a tortoise or researched them, you will know that many species, but not all, hibernate during the winter months. It is vital that you look after your pet tortoise very well. That... Read more
How Are Controlled Drugs Disposed Of

How Are Controlled Drugs Disposed Of?

Sometimes, people are given a course of controlled drugs for their pets, but the course turns out to be longer than they require. For example, class-2 controlled drugs, such as pain killers like ketamine. You... Read more
Can You Use Human Medicine For Animals

Can You Use Human Medicine For Animals?

There are times that come where we need to give our pets medicines. That is an unfortunate time for both the animal and the owner. However, sometimes, you may have medicine for your pet that... Read more
How Do Bearded Dragons Mate

How Do Bearded Dragons Mate?

Bearded dragons are one of the most copious breeding species of lizards in the world. They rarely need any help to produce many offspring every year, and all of them are eggs. However, breeding is... Read more