How Are Controlled Drugs Disposed Of?

Sometimes, people are given a course of controlled drugs for their pets, but the course turns out to be longer than they require. For example, class-2 controlled drugs, such as pain killers like ketamine. You do not want to keep giving the animal drugs like these when they no longer need them. Furthermore, you may have a time that the drug is not used within the expiry date. So, how are these controlled drugs disposed of? Well, not in the regular waste, that’s for certain.

To destroy CDs (Controlled Drugs), a veterinary surgeon needs to use a denaturing kit. They are widely available, but the instructions differ for each type. Furthermore, the vet that destroys the CD needs to record the type and quantity of the drug destroyed, and a witness must sign to confirm that the drug was destroyed. That includes writing their vet number, name of the drug, strength, quantity, and a signature. If you are a customer, then you need to return all unused drugs to the veterinary surgery that you received them from and they will destroy them for you.

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