Can You Use Human Medicine For Animals?

There are times that come where we need to give our pets medicines. That is an unfortunate time for both the animal and the owner. However, sometimes, you may have medicine for your pet that is the same as for a human. What happens if you run out of that medicine, or the animal is in so much discomfort that you feel they can’t wait for a vet visit? Can you use human medicine for animals? In the UK, there are some human-licensed medicines that are the same as for pets.

The truth is, a vet needs to tell you that you can use it, and in what dosage and time period. Furthermore, they also need to be able to provide reasoning as to why they cannot prescribe at the time. For example, if your animal needs antihistamines, but the veterinary dispensaries are shut, or there is no way of seeing the vet, and you have the right medication, they can consent that you use the medicine you already have. However, it can only be in an emergency, and if the vet says to do so.

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