What Pet Lizards Don’t Eat Insects?

Let’s face it, some people love lizards but hate the idea of feeding them live insects. Whether that is because they do not want to handle them, or they don’t like seeing animals eat each other. Yes, there are some species that need the animal protein. However, the question “What pet lizards don’t eat insects?” comes up a lot. So, this article is going to focus on lizards that are vegetarian, so need no meat at all. That can be a huge plus point for many potential pet owners.

Iguanas are vegetarian, so will only eat fruit, veg, and plants. However, they can grow quite large, so be sure that you have the room for them. Chuckwallas are another species of vegetarian lizard, that usually eats fruit, leaves, and flowers. They can also grow quite large, and for a long time, too. A blue-tongued skink is a great option for those of us who only want to feed our pets on vegetables, and they are not huge, either. Only growing to around 15 inches, or 30cm, they are a great choice.

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