How Do Bearded Dragons Mate?

Bearded dragons are one of the most copious breeding species of lizards in the world. They rarely need any help to produce many offspring every year, and all of them are eggs. However, breeding is usually defined by an age that animals get to. Although, with bearded dragons, that is slightly different. Their sexual maturity is determined by their size, not their age. After that size is reached, around 90-119mm depending on species, females will start to lay eggs with or without a mate.

When both the male and female are ready, the male’s beard will appear dark, and the female will wave her arms around. Bearded dragons will then mate in a very similar fashion to many other animals, by inserting their hemipenes into the female’s cloaca. When the female is ready, she will raise her head into a vertical position, and he will let go. After that, the female can have more than one lot of fertile eggs, and they can even be with different males.

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