Zetapets to launch v3 by next year

Zetapets‘ staff members have been working hard on their newest version, and it’s rumored to be released next year sometime. A new site layout is being developed as well as new features. Hopefully, we’ll see the launch of the very-anticipated Battledome with ajax functions. Zetapets has been doomed for the past couple of years, but it’s currently running on dual dedicated servers (dual Xeon), one database server, and one Apache server. It’s still growing too; over 300 new users join Zetapets a day, and it continues to succeed. During its peak hour; Zetapets usually has over 100+ users online.. So, are you anticipating the launch of v3, or do you think it won’t be coming out anytime soon? Can v3 save Zetapets from the destruction of other pet sites launching with better features than Zetapets?

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