Will quarantine affect my pet?

Quarantine means strictly no one should go out, including the pets. This trend is likely to lead to anxiety and a big shakeup for every individual. The same case is expected to happen to pets since their lifestyles will also change. Humans are now getting stuck at home all day, just like their pets. Most humans are likely to be tense with a lot of anxieties, which may impact how people interact with pets. Some pet owners might be agitated and upset, while others might be clingy, and they are likely to give their pet a lot of attention, which might change the pets’ behaviours.

During quarantine, people stay at home for all times, which disrupts what the individuals normally do. Most cats and dogs will also adapt to this schedule leading to a change of behaviours such that they are busy when everyone is at home, and once people are away, they get time to sleep in and live their normal lives. Therefore, pets are likely to be affected by quarantine in a lot of ways, and the best way to ensure the wellbeing of the pets is always to try and have the same routine to ensure that pets do not change.

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