Why Is My Dog Vomiting

All animals vomit. Dogs appear to vomit more frequently as compared to other animals. Owners that are exposed to the vomiting episodes of the pet are no longer surprised more so if after throwing up, the pet would act as if nothing happened and would be its usual self. Dogs have the gross habit of feasting on the vomit; thus, pet parents, instead of being concerned, would be disgusted with the pet.

Vomiting is not a disease – it is an indication that something wrong is going on in the dog’s body. A dog owner has to be wary if the dog is repeatedly vomiting as aside from causing dehydration; the condition can have life-threatening effects on the dog. Because dogs are voracious eaters, they incline to eat non-edible substances. Stomach upset that results from eating spoiled foods would cause the dog to throw up. The introduction of a new diet can make the dog vomit. A dog may not need medication if the vomiting is due to the pet’s voracious appetite.

Vomiting can result in more dangerous situations. A dog’s projectile vomiting can be a sign that the dog has swallowed an object that is causing a blockage. Vomiting is the dog’s way of removing the foreign object. Infection and parasite infestation are other reasons for the dog’s chronic vomiting. Roundworm infestation will cause the dog to vomit. Vomiting can be caused by gastritis or by more serious health conditions like stomach cancer, pancreatitis, or kidney diseases.

The dog can also be throwing up foamy and frothy vile. This condition is common in dogs that grow very fast. The food eaten at night is not sufficient for the needs of the growing body; thus, the dogs would go hungry at night and vomit frothy vile in the morning. Foamy and bubbly vomit can occur if the dog was poisoned. The dog may have ingested a poisonous substance.

To deal with the dog’s vomiting episodes, a pet parent has to know the reasons why the pet is vomiting. Food is withheld for 12 to 24 hours for pets with diarrhea and for pets that are vomiting to rest the stomach and to allow the digestive system to normalize. A dog that is throwing up repeatedly has to have medical attention as this condition can result in dehydration. It would be best to get the pet fast to a veterinary facility. Vets would usually administer antiemetic medications. The dog will be examined, and the reason why the dog is vomiting will be established.

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