Why Did My Hamster Die?

With hamsters being one of the most common pets for all people, there are a lot of questions raised about why they die. More often than not, you will find that there were no signs of illness, and they die very suddenly. That can often make the owners think that they did something wrong, or that they probably should have done something different. However, that is not always the case. If you have done your best for keeping your hamster safe and in the right environment, it is likely not anything that you have done.

There are over ten well documented and understood factors that can cause a hamster to die very suddenly. However, the primary cause is old age. If you have taken the pet in as an adult, there is no real way of knowing how old they are. Furthermore, they only live for an average of eighteen months, making it pretty common for them to die before we would usually think. However, if they are in a colder environment, they may well be hibernating, so make sure that is not the case. Whatever the reason, whether old age or illness, there is probably nothing that you could have done to change it, and it is common that they die without much warning.

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