How Do Dogs See?

One of the biggest questions about any canine pet is; how do dogs see? Do they see in black and white, or color in the same way as humans? The belief used to be that all dogs saw in black and white. However, over the years, it has become apparent that they can see in color, just not such a wide spectrum as in humans. Furthermore, as their eyes are set at a different angle to people, their vision has less depth and often means their view is hazy, and something that we would need glasses for.

An easy way to say illustrate how a dog sees color would be to say it is a lot more like pastels than vibrant, with no sense of red or green. However, before you feel too bad for your dog, they use other senses more than we do. Their sense of smell is 44 times more sensitive than ours, and their hearing is more than twice as sensitive. Therefore, in answer to the question, how do dogs see, it is more with their nose and ears than their eyes!

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